The Seven C’s are the set of values our community aspires to instill in each Mount Alvernia High School graduate. Each year, one of these values provides the theme for our school community.

Women of Courage
who have spirit and strength

Women of Confidence
who believe in their own self worth

Women of Character
who have a moral and an ethical core  

Women of Competence
who have the skills to live in any world

Women of Compassion
who are able to feel deeply for and with others

Women of Commitment
who understand the value of making promises and keeping them.  

Women of Community
who work to balance their own needs with the needs of others

In preparing for the graduation ceremonies for the class of 2000, Mount Alvernia’s former Head of School, Mrs. Kathleen Kent instituted the Seven C’s Award that would be presented annually honoring members of the community whose dedication to Mount Alvernia was worthy of recognition.