As Head of School, I am thrilled and humbled to work with faculty, families, and students to support, challenge, and empower the young women of Mount Alvernia High School to be 21st century leaders who discern the ‘good’ and are an effective force for it in the world.

Beginning with my first interactions, what strikes me most about the Mount Alvernia High School community, is the dedication and commitment to the school’s mission and the young women. The faculty and staff deeply believe and live by our Mission Statement which states Mount Alvernia High School “enlightens and shapes courageous, compassionate and articulate women who believe that life has a purpose, who are able to discern the ‘good’ and who will be an effective force for it in the world.” Dedication to our mission and to the well-being of the young women in our community embodies who we are as a school. As a school community we commit to embracing the gifts of every young woman, being sure to highlight those gifts, but also encourage the girls to do the same for each other. Belonging to a school community where kindness and actions are seen and heard, these acts will be impactful and unforgettable. Through practice, the young women of Mount Alvernia High School will be kind, help those in need, and stand up for what they believe in, despite navigating a world that may not always show them the same back. She will know that even the smallest act can make a difference and change the world.

Having graduated from an all-girls high school myself, I know the value of the experience and how it has shaped who I am today, both in my faith and life journey. I began my journey as a shy incoming 7th grader, knowing very few classmates, and was unsure of what to expect. Over the years, through various opportunities within and beyond the classroom, guidance in my faith and with the support of a dedicated faculty, I graduated as a confident, outgoing young woman, who was excited about college and beyond. My high school experience helped me find my voice, inspired me to explore personal interests, and cultivated a passion for a career in school counseling at the bachelor and graduate degree levels. This is the gift of an all-girls education – to encourage each individual to pursue her dreams, try new things and let her voice be heard – a gift that I look forward to sharing with your daughter as she follows where her journey takes her.

Rooted in the Franciscan values of Pax et Bonum- peace and goodness, the faculty and I will work together to help your daughter live these values daily and to find her voice – to express ideas, think critically, collaborate with others, and feel empowered to bring about change in the world. For all of the girls, we hope to foster courage, compassion, and the ability to articulate themselves with confidence, clarity and creativity. She will come to know the gift of an all-girls education and will always be a part of a community of learners, centered in a relationship with God, steeped in the Franciscan tradition, that believes in her, encourages her voice, and empowers her to make an impact on the world.

I look forward to meeting you at 790 Centre Street, and hearing more about what excites and drives the young women in your life.

Pax et Bonum,
Ms. Jillian Boudreau
Head of School