Our goal is to provide a personal and nurturing environment from the first moment each student gets a classroom walkthrough, while challenging each student to work to her full potential, to produce her best work, to use all her talents, to devise strategies to optimize her learning and always connect the classroom with real life.

The advantage of a small school is that the teachers know their students and are able to assess their progress on an individual basis. Regularly scheduled meetings offer teachers the opportunity to share their observations and evaluations of students with faculty from the same grade level. Quarterly progress reports and report cards provide parents with grading and effort information. Parent/teacher conferences are held in November and February and may be scheduled as needed.

Teachers are available for extra help, both before and after school. NHS members offer peer tutoring and there is a study hall in the morning and in the library after school until 5:30 p.m. Guidance counselors advise students in academic areas and monitor their academic progress, course selection and study habits.

We work toward maintaining a school where achievement is honored and effort is recognized.