The Guidance and College Counseling Department seeks to focus on the holistic growth of each student in four specific areas – personal development (spiritual, emotional, physical, and aesthetic), academic progress, college selection and career choice – within an atmosphere of mutual trust, reinforcement and caring. The department further seeks to improve the quality of parent-child relationships by helping to close the “generation gap” through an approach that emphasizes both the right of the parent to be himself or herself and the right of the child to be herself.


The counselors work directly with the students in individual or small group meetings. These meetings attempt to foster a positive self-image, spiritual and emotional growth, and self-motivation and to help students determine personal, academic, and career goals. The program assists the students in learning self-assessment and decision-making skills. To ensure that the needs of all students are met, all members of the professional staff assist the department in establishing the one-to-one relationship with students.


The Guidance and College Counseling Department oversees the standardized testing program and directs many special programs including Junior Information Night, Financial Aid Night and a bi-annual Career Day. In addition, the Guidance and College Counseling Department plays an integral role in all school-sponsored programs including Open House, New Student Orientations and Admissions events.

The guidance counselors are available to schedule parent conferences, provide immediate assistance to students experiencing emotional difficulty, make referrals when necessary and speak to classes to address any guidance related issues. As members of Mount Alvernia High School’s Wellness Council, the Guidance and College Counseling Department helps to plan and present programs that include presentations on nutrition awareness, eating disorders, suicide prevention, self-defense, substance abuse, relationships, bullying, safe driving, stress management, and internet safety.

As students move through their years at Mount Alvernia, the Guidance and College Counseling Department journeys with them as they develop a sense of who they are as women and as individuals with their own unique gifts and talents. They are guided in their academic pursuit as their worldviews are expanded. They are presented with a variety of experiences that will help them make responsible choices as members of the larger community, and they are given the common roots to grow into caring well-adjusted women.