While providing a core curriculum of traditional disciplines, Mount Alvernia fosters an interdisciplinary approach to learning. Our teachers actively seek new ways of approaching familiar material and new avenues of inquiry. Teachers from all departments have developed interdisciplinary units that focus on natural phenomena, historical events and universal themes through the lenses of traditional high school subjects.

Students study the Influenza Pandemic of 1918 in history, science, English and mathematics. They learn that Chaucer’s medieval pilgrims might have been as fascinated by challenging mathematical puzzles as by the tales they told on the road to Canterbury. They also see the astonishing links between science and the humanities as they explore geography, earth science and myth. At every level students learn how to apply the power of technology to the requirements of specific assignments, thus learning the appropriate use of technology as a valuable complement to academic expression.

We believe that interdisciplinary instruction is vital to creating lifelong learners – women who see clearly the connections among all disciplines while continuing to appreciate differences in their focus, methodology and knowledge base.