Student Council Executive Board

All students are members of the Mount Alvernia Student Council. The Student Council exists to provide a means of establishing a closer unity between the students and the faculty. It provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of students’ concerns and interests.

The Executive Board is composed of elected representatives: president, vice president, secretary and treasurer; president, vice president and representative of each class; and the president of the National Honor Society.

Class Officers

Each class elects three class officers: president, vice president and representative. These students are elected to act as spokeswomen for the class, organize and preside at class meetings, and to serve on the Student Council Executive Board. All members work to promote excellent communication, spirit and cooperation among the student body.

Retreat Leaders & Youth Ministers

These students work with the senior religion teacher and campus minister to plan class retreats, prayer services and youth ministry social events.

National Honor Society

A student is invited to join the National Honor Society provided she has satisfactorily met all criteria for acceptance. A student does not apply for membership. As determined by the criteria established by the National Honor Society, students who maintain a yearly grade-point average of 87% or higher in the freshman year, sophomore year and the first semester of the junior year are potential candidates. Each student must also fulfill the requirements for the standards of character, leadership and service.